DIY: Just Do it Yourself!

Top of the afternoon to you all! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend and also kept in mind the reason why we celebrate. There are men and women that gave their lives so that we may live our lives in peace. That being said, let’s talk DIY.

So I have a confession to make; I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, and there really isn’t a cure. I have boards on food, on gardening, on health and fitness, and yes, DIY. My DIY boards are broken down into sewing, crafts, knitting, gift ideas, etc. I am a DIY fanatic!

Today is my day off, and I decided to try something new from one of my boards. I have been wanting to recycle some wine bottles that I’ve had lying around; it’s Rose season, and this particular brand–Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Rose–designed their bottles to have a rose on the bottom.


And I thought, Wouldn’t it be cool to turn these into drinking glasses? So that is what I set out to accomplish today.

I have three such bottles sitting at home, collected over a couple of weeks…empty ones, of course (Who would leave full wine bottles lying around? That would be alcohol abuse!). I researched glass cutting and tools. I chose a method that uses a glass cutter–a tool that looks almost like a bristle-less toothbrush. It doesn’t really cut the glass but scores it.

I set up my work station in the kitchen. The townhouse I’m renting has carpet in almost every room, so getting glass on the floor would be not so great if I did it anywhere but the kitchen. I covered the countertop with a plastic trash bag and got all my equipment together:

  • Glass Bottle
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker
  • Candle
  • Ice (in the freezer)
  • Glass Cutter
  • Vegetable Oil (you can use other oils; this one was just more readily available)
  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves (they were too big, so I didn’t wear them. Don’t follow my example. Hands are important.)
  • Sandpaper

I used a tape measure and a marker to draw a line around the circumference of the bottle to indicate where I wanted to cut it. It was a process of scoring, heating the glass over the candle, and cooling it back down. It took longer than I thought it would, but eventually, the bottle came apart!


I dipped the glass in water, then used the sandpaper to smooth away the rough edges. The water keeps the glass shards from flying everywhere. The end result is a little uneven, but hey! I am going to get an actual bottle cutter to finish the other two bottles. The disadvantage to this method is that it’s hard to keep a steady hand while you’re scoring the glass. My hand kept slipping due to the oil dripping from the glass cutter tool, and the water from the melting ice. But not bad for the first attempt! Now I just need a full set! The real question will be whiskey or brandy?

DIY is a great way to become self-sufficient, and put your own unique twist on something. It is a great way to refurbish old items sitting around the house that you may not have another purpose for. For example, these wine bottles would just be adding volume to the landfill. Instead, they’re going to be unique pieces added to my kitchenware. I have plans for the bottle tops as well, but that’s for another blog.

DIY is part of the reason why I am growing herbs as well. I mentioned in my first blog that I am interested in exploring the world of essential oils. There are actually multiple reasons for my interest.

  1. I did mention that I cook and bake, so it makes sense that I would grow some herbs for my own culinary use.
  2. Herbs have tons of health benefits. They span over various qualities that include inflammation reduction (cinnamon, turmeric), reducing muscle pain or cramps (star anise reduces the pains of menstrual cramps), increase brain function (rosemary), or alleviate an upset stomach (peppermint).
  3. Herbs can be used in food, soaps of all kinds and for most purposes, even medicinally
  4. Living a thriving lifestyle is really the end goal. I believe the closer you are to the source of your food, the less likely it is to have food that has been contaminated or otherwise corrupted into something unrecognizable. I love Oreos, but it’s best to balance that out with food that you can actually pronounce.

I mean to explore these avenues, especially with the oils and soaps. Of course, that means waiting for my herbs to be big enough to harvest and use. This is where patience is a virtue…kind of. *Takes a deep breath* Meanwhile, I will share with you all I know about herbs and which ones do what, how you can incorporate them into your life, how to cook with them, etc. I’m excited to be on this journey, and I’m excited to be sharing it with you.

That’s all I have for you today! Until next time!



2 thoughts on “DIY: Just Do it Yourself!

  1. I’ve never seen wine bottles like that–what a great use! We tried to do the twine-on-fire-dunk-in-ice-water glass bottle thing, but just ended up breaking three bottles. Now we have a huge stash of empty bottles to try again with, but this sounds much more likely to work!

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