Hi, Everyone! It’s been over a month since I started writing my blog, and I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers, and those who liked my posts! You’re all awesome!

I made handsoap! Once again, I sought out Pinterest for the recipe, and while there were a plethora to choose from, I used this: It is an excellent reference!

I followed the recipe almost to the letter, except I added a few leaves of aloe to my soapy mixture. There are recipes out there that use liquid castile soap as the base (which is probably more authentic), but I could only find the solid bars. I’ll have to try that at some other point.

I had to keep my soap waiting longer than ten hours since I had to work early (meh), but it was none the worse for the longer period of time. Once it was cooled and I had to stir it up again (I used a whisk to break it up), the soap took on a mucilaginous look and feel. It smells great, though! I used Tom’s brand soap, and it is scented with lavender and tea tree oil. Lavender is one of my favorite herbs!

I emptied out the remaining drips of my soap bottle from the bathroom and filled it about a quarter of the way up with my homemade soap, and then added more water to it, and gave it a mix. It works just as good thinned out. I’m also using it as my body wash! A little goes a long way. I’m pretty sure I will have soap for at least the next six months without breaking a sweat! What next? Shampoo?? Lotion?? Eek, I’m excited for this!

I would love to get more into the world of soaping. Right now, I don’t have the space for making a soap lab, and I have my roommates and my roommates’ pets to worry about. So strictly melt-and-pour recipes, or something along those lines. But if anyone has any recommendations as to what I should try next, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Until next time!

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